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Education Strategy

Education Strategy

Developing postgraduate education on site allows flexibility for Clinicians who wish to gain specific skills, knowledge or technical expertise in an active and vibrant level 4 teaching hospital environment. MMUH is committed to outstanding training for its medical professionals. The Pillar Centre for Transformative Healthcare strives to exemplify this while expanding the “added value” postgraduate education available.

As an example of this innovative approach; in 2019, MMUH Emergency Departments Consultants in collaboration with and supported by the Pillar Centre, launched the first Point of Care Ultrasound Course (POCUS), utilising the world class skills of MMUH staff to educate future Clinicians. It is anticipated that this model of support will be utilised to develop a range of advanced interdisciplinary postgraduate courses for healthcare professionals.

Our Educational Goal

  • To establish world-class, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training programmes within environments of clinical excellence
  • To build partnerships with enterprise and other external bodies in the development and delivery of innovative programmes of research and training
  • To encourage inter-institutional collaboration and efficiency in the provision of excellent postgraduate student training
  • Providing a diverse range of progressive educational and training opportunities for clinical and non-clinical staff working in healthcare
  • Proposed Surgical Skills Training and Simulation Facility